Graduations for Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy

by | 5 April 2018 | Education and Learning, Exercise, Hobbies, Retford

An awesome effort by the students from Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy saw 51 students graduate to their next belt level in February. Special mentions on the day went to the following students:

  • Logan Moss for his development over the past couple of months.
  • Harley Gourdet for his concentration on the day.
  • Isaac Pritchard was presented a medal for his effort in graduation.
  • 67 years young Denis Scaife made the grade of red belt, black stripe.

Master Blinston, Chief Instructor of the full-time martial arts academy, along with Miss Blinston, 2nd Dan, conducted the graduation event with the support from the academy’s Black Belts. A fantastic standard of martial arts skills were demonstrated on the day, with students, parents and friends all pleased with their results — the hard effort really paid off.

Well done to all students who made the grade on the day, keep up the great work. Anyone interested in getting involved in a professional martial arts program can call Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy on 01777 700252 or visit