Wednesday (Memory) Group

by | 19 March 2018 | Support Group

It is always sad when we have to say goodbye to good friends. Over recent months, the Wednesday Group has lost several of its good friends and for a variety of reasons. Some are moving to different parts of the country, others have health problems that make it increasingly difficult for them to get to meetings and some, sadly, have passed away.
Over the years that the group has been meeting, close and supportive relationships have been formed from which we have all benefitted, members and volunteers alike. We miss those who are no longer able to join us. Members have been the inspiration that has encouraged the group to try new ideas and activities hoping that they would enjoy them and knowing that if things didn’t go entirely to plan they would still be appreciative of the efforts.

Happily, the group has also welcomed some new members to the group who are enjoying its regular activities and have ideas of their own as well. One of the new volunteers has offered to teach member line-dancing and they are very much looking forward to this. Our other activities include bingo, quizzes, singing, dancing, darts, table tennis and snooker; all designed to keep those mental processes going, promote sociability and help keep people fit.

The group is always happy to hear from people who wish to volunteer, particularly if they can offer an activity that members will enjoy. If you are interested in joining the Wednesday Group, either as a member or a volunteer, please contact Jan on 01777 709974 for more information.