Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group

by | 5 June 2019 | Support Group

Bob Massey was Bassetlaw Cardiac Support Group’s speaker on Friday 3rd April. He reflected on the changing times since children were sent ‘up the flue’ and the hardship facing large families when they would sell a boy child for seven shillings (up to four guineas in some circumstances). The children were then owned by the master who would ‘train’ them to the arduous life of chimney cleaning. However, after the years of apprenticeship and if the child survived, there was no work because they had grown too big for the task. Unimaginable by today’s standards but very enlightening.
On 18th May the group are off to see ‘South Pacific’ at the Acorn Theatre.

Kindly note that their next meeting on 7th June at 2.00pm, will take place at their new venue — The Gymnasium, Bassetlaw Hospital, Kilton Road, Worksop. Please enter by the bottom entrance please. The speaker will be Gerald Price from The Woodland Trust. Tea and coffee will be provided, all welcome. For further information please call 01909 562361.