Retford Bowling Green

by | 11 September 2019 | Hobbies, Sports Club

The age-old question of whether or not Elvis lives on, was finally answered in the affirmative at Retford Bowling Green’s karaoke night last month. He may have come dressed as Dave Brammer. He may even have looked a bit like Dave, but this was surely a performance by the king himself.

Who Paul Thorpe, Bob Bagshaw and David Lee came dressed as is still open to debate, but their rendition of the Beverley Sisters’ number ‘Sisters’ suggest it may have been them, although with panto season just around the corner a strong case was put forward for Widow Twankey, along with the ugly sisters from Cinderella. Still they did serve as a fitting ice-breaker to get the evening off to a lively start and it didn’t look back from then on.

Jane Barlow and Roger Bailey became Sonny and Cher and Shirley Pickergill changed her surname to Bassey in search of a ‘Big Spender.’ Alas the best she could manage was to team up with Danny Devine with a president/vice president tribute to the great Vera Lynn with ‘We’ll meet again’ to round the evening off. Before that though there were stars in abundance. Jane Barlow made further appearances as Dolly Parton, this time partnered by Widow Twankey, who by now was masquerading as Kenny Rogers, with Chris Cooper as ABBA and David Lee again singing ‘O bla di O bla da’. At this stage the wine was doing the singing for her.

Elvis came back as Tom Jones with the help of Jim Dukes. The reluctant Charlie Fletcher made a cameo performance, not realising that when you put in a request on karaoke night, you are the one who has to sing it and after a bit of leg-pulling, he went along with it and to be fair did a decent job of ‘Bad Moon Rising’. Moon River was another success for David Lee, this time with Anne Peat in attendance and everyone was introduced to a medley of country and western music by the emerging talent of ‘Millie and the Satchells’.

All in all, it was a brilliant evening. Many thanks to Paul Thorpe who provided the equipment and the impetus for it to happen. It will happen again. Visit to find out more about the club. For photos of the above event follow the links >club information>newsletters.