Retford Bowling Green

by | 3 February 2020 | Hobbies, Sports Club

The Retford Bowling Green finals weekend was a huge success despite a soggy start weather-wise and the results can be seen in the table. The weekend is always preceded by an annual barbecue with built-in quiz. Bob Bagshaw then delivered an interesting bingo session to finish the evening. Now, if like myself you are not an experienced bingo player you can be forgiven for being confused, to find out that Dirty Gerty and some fat ladies met Desmond Tutu, his duck and a mate on the Brighton Line in Sherwood Forest (in case you’re wondering — Sherwood Forest — All the trees — 33… Obvious really!) And I wasn’t the only one confused, as one table clearly thought it was karaoke night and burst into song every time the number 50 came out. Heaven knows what they’re going to be like on karaoke night later this month.

With the bowling for this year now at an end, focus turns to the winter schedule of games, social evenings, coffee mornings and short mat bowls, all of which enable the club’s members to stay in touch throughout the winter break.

  • Alison Clarke Scratch – 2 woods singles Men
    Winner – P Thorpe
    Runner up – T Lewis
  • President’s Handicap – 2 wood singles Men
    Winner – P Thorpe
    Runner up – R Mills
  • Pres/V Pres Drawn Pairs – Drawn Pairs Ladies
    Winners – K Fletcher, J Mather
    Runners up – A Peat, G Williamson
  • Margaret Burton Trophy – 2 woods singles Ladies
    Winner – S Bradford
    Runner up – H Worth
  • Men’s Handicap Pairs – 2 woods Drawn Pairs
    Winners – T Lewis, P Thorpe
    Runners up – C Harding, C Cooper
  • Mower Cup – 4 woods Drawn Pairs Men
    Winners – G Evans, D Lee
    Runners up – D Clay-Thomas, S Kenney
  • Waterfield Cup – 2 woods pairs Drawn mixed
    Winners – M Cooper, J Harrison
    Runners up – P Thorpe, M Cook
  • Millenium Pairs – 2 woods pairs Drawn Ladies
    Winners – E Brammer, S Pickersgill
    Runners up – S Bradford, K Fletcher
  • Shore Singles Championship – 4 woods singles Ladies
    Winner – M Satchell
    Runner up – H Worth
    Ted Woodbine Championship – 4 woods singles Men
    Winner – T Lewis
    Runner up – R Mills