Retford Bowling Green

by | 11 September 2019 | Hobbies, Sports Club

The bowling calendar comprises a variety of match types. There are league matches: Retford play in seven leagues with varying formats including four wood pairs, three wood trips and full rinks, where four players each play two woods. Then there are friendlies, playing clubs from the local area and as far away as Sunderland and Bridlington. Finally, there are internal club competitions held mainly on Sundays.

One of the latter was contested on Sunday 4th August — Retford Bowling Green (RBG) Mixed Drawn Triples. This is a great format for all skill levels because, as the title implies, the teams are drawn at random. In this way novice bowlers get a chance to play alongside experienced bowlers and have a fair chance of winning. This year’s competition was a maximum turnout with 16 teams playing on the club’s eight rinks. Each team plays in two matches gaining two points for a win and one for a draw. Then the best two play a final. This year’s winners were Millie Satchell, Roger Bailey and Sue Mills and the runners-up were Liz Brammer, Shirley Pickersgill and George Barlow.

As you read this, the nights will be drawing in and the end of the bowling season will be fast approaching. But the club will continue into the winter with various social gatherings, short mat bowls at the club and indoor bowling at Worksop. Keep an eye on the club’s website and these entries in Retford Life and maybe you will find something to suit you.

For more information on the club visit their website, email or call Geoff Evans, on 01777 948194.