The Inner Wheel Club of Retford

by | 16 October 2019 | Inner Wheel, Social Group

At the Inner Wheel Club (IW) of Retford’s last meeting, the president, Natalie took the opportunity to induct a new member, Yvonne, and to update members about how much Inner Wheel has grown worldwide since its early beginnings 95 years ago in the 1920s. The theme internationally is Empower and Evolve. The Retford club is 74 years old in October. For the new members, it was helpful to know the structures of the organisation and the purpose.

Inner Wheel is about sharing friendship and having enjoyable activities which at the same time give service and help to those in need at home and overseas. As part of their work, the club also look at the support of mothers and children and women’s rights and issues. Many women do not enjoy the freedoms which we are lucky enough to have and which we expect. Danielle, the club’s youngest member, had prepared a Powerpoint presentation which outlined the organisation’s background, structure and purpose.

It also showed the roles within the club and finally the main charities for the club’s fundraising this year. The British Disabled Waterski and Wakeboard Association was chosen because it has given support to one of the club’s members. Medical Detection Dogs is the other choice. There will be others. Members are able to add their suggestions. Jan was very moved by the presentation given at conference about Jessie’s Fund, a charity which helps mentally disabled sick children communicate through music. She is holding a coffee morning at her home to support them. Members often hold coffee mornings for different reasons.

The Inner Wheel Association of GB and Northern Ireland have a three-year project supporting Period Poverty, in the UK. They have completed one year so far and clubs have risen to the challenge by supporting the Lunar Project and the Red Box Project in schools in the UK which supply sanitary needs to girls in secondary and now, primary schools thus reducing absence and loss of schooling. There are many ways in which clubs are involved with this project by working with established groups and with puberty education where there is a lack of understanding and information. Sanitary items can be donated to the food bank, which the club regularly support.

All over the world, Inner Wheel clubs are recognising so many different needs and giving service. In the USA, they help provide myoelectric limbs for children. In Norway and Sweden, they help to fund sniffer dogs to detect drugs. Inner Wheel Malaysia reaches out to an indigenous community helping to uplift the quality of life living in an undeveloped rural area. Austria and the Czec Republic support a Downs Syndrome Centre. In Nepal IW members volunteer and work at a Cateract Microsurgical Workshop. Blind children benefit from club sponsorship of a multi-media centre in India. In the Netherlands, the organisation raises funds for refugee children traumatised by living through war. In Italy they have helped to develop an anti-bullying app for young victims. These are just a few very varied aspects of the work of Inner Wheel.

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