North and South Wheatley WI

by | 7 February 2020 | Social Group, WI

Happy New Year to all North and South Wheatley WI members and visitors from 2019! Happy New Year too, to all those ladies out there who may like to brighten up 2020 by going along to join them for their exciting new programme.
This is just the right time to take the plunge as February is their AGM, when everyone can learn what they have in store for the year ahead and members can express their opinions and ideas and then relax afterwards with an evening of games which, if last year was anything to go by, will be great fun!

The group finished 2019 with a fantastic Christmas party, when some of their throng entertained the others with a mini pantomime plus other amusing turns. They will need more ideas for next December.

Interested? Why not go along to Wheatley Village Hall, from 7.00pm onwards on Monday 10th February and put a sparkle in these winter months (summer ones too)! Guest attendance costs £5.00 per meeting. If you are going alone and would like a ‘buddy’, just let them know and they’ll arrange it. Feel free to contact Sharon on 07941 142848 or Want to see what they get up to? Have a look on Facebook or Instagram @nswheatleywi.