North and South Wheatley WI

by | 4 September 2019 | Social Group, WI

In July, a local lady, Sue Ward, gave North and South Wheatley WI a most interesting and informative insight into the early training of a puppy destined to be a guide dog for a blind person. The amount of dedication from the puppy walker (and their family) is phenomenal and the whole exercise from birth to home placement costs an astronomical £60,000. However, this really seems so little when compared to the incredible enhancement to the life of a sightless person, that these four-legged friends can bring! There are two million blind or partially sighted people in the UK. To have a dog of their own is the ambition of most of them.

An exciting autumn programme lies ahead for the WI members. Why not go and learn a new craft on Monday 9th September or enjoy a delicious harvest supper followed by entertainment on Monday 14th October? In keeping with the month, November’s meeting, on Monday 11th November, will be about Kinder transport in WWII and the year will complete with their fantastic Christmas Party on Monday 9th December!

The North and South WI are putting a call out to all local ladies. Don’t sit glued to the box on the second Monday of each month! Why not join the other members to have fun, make new friends and of course eat cake at North and South Wheatley WI, at 7.15pm, at South Wheatley village Hall! Guest attendance currently costs £5.00 per meeting. They are a very friendly group but if you are attending alone and would like a ‘buddy’, just let them know and they’ll arrange it.
If you would like to see what they get up to, then why not check out their Facebook or Instagram pages @nswheatleywi. For further information, please contact Sharon on 07941 142848 or