Inner Wheel Club of Retford

by | 7 November 2020 | Inner Wheel, Social Group

Over the course of a year, the Inner Wheel Club of Retford is lucky enough to gather many items kindly donated or made by the people of Retford and Worksop. A number of ladies knit and crochet regularly to provide blankets and knitted baby jackets and hats for those to whom the club send Baby Bundles in Africa. A bundle is made up of two blankets, two sheets, three to six nappies with pins, a baby grow, three vests, two knitted jackets, plastic pants, hat, socks and mittens, a face flannel or sponge and baby soap and also a soft toy. These are placed in homemade stitched bags and usually follow suitability for boys or girls. It is interesting that African mothers often choose pink for boys and blue for girls. Inner Wheel is delighted to receive any colours, sometimes the brighter the better.

Recently, 17 members of the club worked to make up 29 bundles having already made the fabric bags to contain the items. The new mothers are also given a smaller fabric bag which contains a selection of items for their own use. Inside they may find a handbag, necklace or bracelet, a scarf, tights (which they love), tissues, simple soaps, cosmetics, shampoo or body lotion. Hotel freebies are collected for this purpose. On the club’s work day, 54 of these were made up along with 12 toy bags for boys and 12 for girls. Toy bags contain notebooks, crayons and simple gifts like toy cars, skipping ropes, balls etc, usually put together to encourage school attendance.

The work day also allowed members to have a break for lunch, which they all enjoyed together at Torworth Grange who have supported the club in past activities. They have now virtually given away all the kindly donated items, but each year, local people are very kind and those in charge of international work often have a problem storing all the donations. A double sheet will make six baby sheets. Duvet covers are converted into fabric bags. A lot of sewing has to happen before putting everything together. Everything given is used in some way or sold at the club’s market stalls. A huge thank you to all of you in Retford and Worksop who support the club’s efforts to support those in extreme poverty. The club could not do it without you. Visit their website to find out more,