Wheatley Local History Group

by | 16 January 2023 | Heritage, Retford

The next meeting of the North Wheatley Local History Group will take place on Monday 16th January starting at 10.00am, at the Village Hall in South Wheatley. The speaker on this occasion will be Tony Perkins, who will give a talk entitled ‘Clothing in the Medieval Period’.

In medieval times clothes not only showed your wealth but also your job and even how pious you were, especially for women. The fabric, colour and style showed your status.

The poor had a limited wardrobe, so their clothes had to be multi-purpose and fit for all weathers. Plus, find out how Lucy Locket lost her pocket!

For non-members, there is a visitor fee of £4.00 for this meeting. For more information please call Alan on 01427 884147 or Dee on 07771 578956.