Wednesday Memory Group – Keeping it normal!

by | 14 May 2024 | Retford, Support Group

It used to be the case that when symptoms of dementia became obvious, people displaying them were often viewed as though they were aliens from another planet. Why else would they keep repeating the same bit of information or asking the same question?

Happily, now, we are rather more enlightened but, sadly, only because dementia has become so much more common it seems. At least now it’s better understood we’re not so frightened by it and people with dementia can expect to be treated like functioning members of society, and join social and sporting activities like everyone else.

Minor adjustments may have to be made, but isn’t that the case for everyone – a more formal approach to this person or speak a little more clearly for that one?

At the Wednesday Group they find that the mixture of carers, people with dementia and former carers who come to meetings works very well. One person even walked in by chance looking for the hairdressers’ and kept coming for several years!

Everyone gets on together and the more able help anyone who needs a prompt or a bit of reassurance. Problems are made light of, a lot of enjoyment is shared and, for the most part, no-one knows which members have dementia and which don’t.

If you care for someone with dementia or you yourself have a diagnosis, or you just want to know more and you think the Wednesday Group might be helpful, do get in touch.

For more information, contact Jan on 01777 709974 or 07969 180067 or email for the latest on what the group is doing and current availability. There is sometimes a waiting list but not very often, and although they charge £10.00 per session to cover costs, that includes your lunch and your first visit is free.