Waylaid at Retford Little Theatre

by | 13 March 2018 | Performing Arts, Retford

When local writer David Harrison offered his new play, ‘Waylaid’, to the Retford Little Theatre (RLT) some years ago, it was given a short and successful try-out run as part of the out-of-season activities. Now that play has been revised and polished by the playwright, RLT has been given the opportunity to present a fully staged production in the current season of plays, and they have leapt at the chance to do so.

This intricately woven comedy takes place in a hostel somewhere along the Pennine Way. A diverse group of walkers has gathered for the night, some of whom already know each other, some of whom apparently have never met, and some of whom are so bound up with each other that they wouldn’t realise whether they had previously met the others or not.

The stage is set for the downfall of one of the characters. The comic situations leading up to this moment are many and varied — a true comedy of both character and situation, and a great evening’s entertainment.
According to the playwright: If, after watching this comedy, you feel inspired to walk the Pennine Way, then you haven’t been paying attention! Stay at home, put your feet up and watch a DVD — but only after visiting the Little Theatre’s production of ‘Waylaid’.

The Little Theatre production runs from 16th to 23rd March. Tickets go on sale on 12th March. Book by post, call 01777 702002 or email boxoffice@rlt.org.uk.