Vandalism on the golf course

by | 20 July 2023 | Retford, Sports Club

Retford Golf Club, a major asset to the environment and community of our local area, has recently been the targets of vandals.

They have disregarded clear signs and directions around the course, smashed through fences and hedges, repeatedly stolen rakes and waste bins, broken commemorative benches, ridden cycles and quad bikes over the putting greens, and built camps and bonfires in the woods.

The act of this small group of people is threatening the Club’s work to provide active sport and exercise for many members and visitors, of all ages.

The Club is proud to enhance the environment of southern Retford, with its many acres of parkland and woodland home to a wide range of wildlife, including birds such as buzzards.

Much of the golf course is accessible to the general public. The Golf Club and The Babworth Estate have extended that access, with permissive footpaths, to allow walkers even more enjoyment.

Sadly, this positive source of pleasure is threatened by the recent activities of vandals. The damage and danger caused has meant the staff of the Golf Club have had to call in the Fire Service and the Police, who have taken action when they can. Nevertheless, the time and cost of all this is considerable.

Please support the work of the Club and protect it for future generations to enjoy too.