Undiagnosed Autistic adults

by | 8 August 2022 | Notice, Retford

This short, moving piece has been submitted by an anonymous reader. Please take the time to read it and perhaps consider whether you or anyone you know might benefit from this idea.

There are many adults that have gone through life with autistic characteristics that were not recognised when they were children. I think I am such a person. I have realised I had different skills during my working life; some have been helpful, others not. A few close friends have gently asked if I was autistic or dyslexic.

While not dissatisfied with my life, I am now retired, and I wonder if I could have achieved more. It may be being undiagnosed meant no adverse label being attached to me. On the other hand, help at the proper time might have made a beneficial difference. I will never know and given my age I now no longer want to know.

However, one of the downsides of autism is difficulty maintaining friendships – which brings me to the point of this article.
Might there be a benefit for other people, like me, meeting together to exchange views on the supposedly ‘normal’ world and techniques we have used to smooth our paths through life?

Maintaining anonymity is important to me and I guess to others. Men and women, who think they might be a bit like me, can get in touch, by text please, on 07866 747065. As far as I know no such group exists. If you supply an email, I can send an electronic copy of this article and a useful description of autism from the Autistic Society website which could then be passed to friends who might be interested.