Top tips for a spring declutter

by | 12 March 2020 | Gainsborough, Local Charity, Retford, Rotherham, Worksop

If a spring clean isn’t normally something you tackle, then the new wave of cleaning and decluttering gurus (think Mrs Hinch) are sure to set you in good stead. With a plethora of tips, their social media feeds, blogs and books offer something for everyone. If you’ve decided to use this year’s spring clean as an opportunity to get rid of clutter from around your home, and maybe even your office, then you could reap some amazing benefits including: seeing a reduction in stress and anxiety, a boost to productivity and creativity, and having a home which is easier to clean and tidy.

There are two popular approaches — the ‘little by little’ approach, choosing to sort one room at a time, or the more extreme option of attempting it in one go. Pioneered by professional declutterer, Marie Kondo, this approach calls for items to be sorted by type rather than room. For example, when sorting clothes she suggests getting all items from wardrobes, drawers, coat racks and even those stored in the loft and pooling them together then having a ruthless rummage.

Regardless of the method, there is one final key step and this is where the RSPCA’s charity shops become your best friend. You can take the items straight to the shop, or arrange collection so the clutter is cleared for you. Donating the items instead of taking them to the tip brings about other positives; you are helping to keep goods out of landfill (in 2018 alone 327,000 tonnes of UK textiles were kept out of landfill by charity retail), and your donations help raise vital funds.

RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch works to rehabilitate and rehome animals. Funds are raised a number of ways including at four charity shops in Bawtry, Maltby, Rossington and Thorne. The shops rely on donations from the public and accept everything from clothes and shoes to books and bric-a-brac. Donations can be made at any of the four shops as well as at the RSPCA South Yorkshire Animal Centre; or the charity offers a collection service in all DN and S postcodes.

There are many other ways to help including volunteering, donating cash or goods, sponsoring through the Safe Haven programme and supporting events. For the latest news visit