The Wednesday Group – music and memories

by | 15 August 2023 | Retford, Support Group

Music has always been an important part of the Wednesday Group’s meetings, whether it’s a bit of background music from the radio while members play cards or do some craft work, or one of their regular performers.

Frank, the pianist, has been with the group for several years now. He always comes with an interesting programme of songs to play and can be relied on to accompany a raucous rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ when it’s needed! Some members like to sit near and watch him play while others sing, dance or play cards while listening to the music.

Jessica Brett is another popular visitor. She has members on their feet doing the actions, twirling the ribbons, and singing along with her. She hands out tambourines, rattles, bells and whatever else she finds in the bottom of her mystery bag of instruments.

The most recent visitors are Dave and Sandra, who are different again. Dave sings songs made famous by stars like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole which clearly carry quite specific memories for some of our members: memories of dance halls, romantic encounters and falling in love. To say that they enjoy reliving these experiences would be something of an understatement!

The group is very fortunate to have the services of such talented and different musicians. Members really do appreciate them, and the difference they make to all sessions.

If you care for someone with dementia or you yourself have a diagnosis and you think the Wednesday Group might be helpful, do get in touch. For more information, contact Jan on 01777 709974 or 07969 180067, or email for the latest on what the group is doing and current availability. There is sometimes a waiting list, but not always – and your first visit is free.