If you thought exercise was boring, you should see the Wednesday Group members doing chair exercises with their fabulous tutor Sian.

She sits down, turns the music on, rolls her eyes and she’s away, waving, swaying, laughing, shaking her head, stamping her feet and all the members have to do is follow her! Well, they try, valiantly. It may not be easy but it’s certainly fun. Fortunately, no one has fallen off their chair through laughing yet.

As we get older it’s easy to become more sedentary, put a few extra pounds on, become less fit and less able to remain independent. Many of us live alone in our later years and the fitter and more connected we can be to the rest of society, the longer and happier our lives will be and the more likely it is that we shall be able to remain independent.

For those with memory problems or dementia, the difficulties can be even more acute, particularly if they live alone. If you’re in this situation, it is important to retain your social connections and to be as active as possible. If you’ve let things slip, the pages of this excellent magazine are packed with information about voluntary groups in Bassetlaw and there are many others in the area that don’t advertise their presence so widely.

If you want information about services, the BCVS Social Prescribing link workers’ contact details can be found at www.bcvs.org.uk/link-worker-leaflet. Or you can contact Jan on 01777 709774 or 07969 180067 or email janwilliamson133@gmail.com for the latest on what the Wednesday Group is doing.