The Rotary Club of Retford

by | 17 August 2021 | Group meeting, Retford, Retford Life, Rotary, Social Group, Support Group

The Rotary year begins on 1st July so, June is always a month of preparation for the year ahead. All the key posts have been filled and members allocated to their new committees. Planning began months ago in the USA with representatives gathering from all over the globe. This fed down to district assemblies and then to each individual club. The Rotary Club of Retford’s Club Assembly took place on 14th. This was the opportunity for the committee chairmen to outline their plans for the year 2021–22 in the presence of a senior officer from district.
There was only one speaker meeting in June. On 21st, Rotarian Brian Marchant gave an illustrated talk about his two cruises organised by the Durrell Foundation to Indonesia and the countries around the Bay of Bengal. Brian, a retired veterinary surgeon, is very interested in the conservation work of the Durrells. Indeed, his daughter Fiona actually works for the Foundation at Jersey’s zoo.
Daneshill Sailing Club, once again, are supporting the club with sailing experience days. The first of two this year, on 24th, gave sailing experience to Rampton Primary School pupils.
Donations continue, including £450 to Aquabox (Rotary’s Ilkeston based charity supplying clean water to disaster areas) and £400 to the Children’s Air Ambulance to name just two.
The end of the month saw 2020-21 President Adrian Sumner had over his chain of office to his successor Andrew Avery. President Andrew’s deputy will be President Elect Geoff Matthews and third-in-line Vice President Mary Danby. The new Club Secretary (contact details on the club’s website) is Mary Saddington. Brian Marchant is assisting by relieving her of all the communications from Rotary. The new Treasurer is Allan Meacher, known to many as this year’s Retford Golf Club Captain.