The Retford and District Royal British Legion

by | 10 September 2019 | Heritage, Local Charity, Retford

Over 80 people attended the Peace Day celebrations held in Bassetlaw Museum’s grounds on Thursday 4th July. The event remembered the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which brought WWI to an end. The museum staff had lots of craft activities for the children and there were games in the garden. Many people took the chance to look around the museum and to plan further visits. There was also a chance to dress up in clothes of the period or talk about some WWI artefacts and uniform. Royal British Legion (RBL) members were on hand to serve tea and coffee and hand out peace babies (now known as Jelly Babies). Picnics were enjoyed in perfect weather and the event was brought to an end with the playing of the bagpipes and some rousing war time singing.

Planning is soon to commence for the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII in 2020. The end to the conflict came firstly in Europe (VE Day) in May, but later in the Far East (VJ Day) in August. There will be the opportunity for you to share any memories that you have of that period in our history. Further details will emerge as the planning progresses. The local branch of The RBL is happy to help or support any village events that are being arranged if possible. Contact Ann on the number below.

On a more serious note don’t forget that help from the Legion can be available for anyone or their dependents as long as you have served for at least seven days in our Armed Forces. There is an excellent website or if you would like more local information contact Ann Hickman on 01777 818993. Monthly meetings recommence on the first Monday in September.