Whilst the bluebells that seem to have been so magnificent this year will now be starting to wain as the sun continues to shine and the temperatures gradually become more what we might expect of summer, the next couple of months will still provide a bonanza of wild colour.

Everything from orchids to ox-eye daisies will be vying for our attention and as well as the attention of a myriad of pollinating insects which only add to the magic of wildflower meadows. The experience of sitting peacefully at the edge of a wildflower meadow watching the delicate blooms swaying in a summer breeze is one to be treasured and one which is not so easy to experience given that as much as 98% of our species rich meadows remain. Thankfully we do still have areas of meadow in our care and many parks also now contain areas where wildflowers have been allowed to return through changes to mowing regimes or as a result of new planting and sowing.

Hopefully, future generations will still be able to experience wildflower meadows and we are determined to help turn back the clock to ensure that more areas are restored and recreated.

In your garden you can do your bit by planting a wildflower area or simply by sowing a few wildflower seeds in a pot. Your efforts will be repaid in a splash of colour and the knowledge that you are also helping pollinating insects so vital to the survival of other plants and to ensuring we have access to not only flowers to savour but food to eat.

Still time to sign up for 30 Days Wild this June
Each June, The Wildlife Trusts ask people to do something wild every day. The aim of the campaign is to help everyone re-connect with nature and to find time in busy lives to spend just a few minutes in being a little bit wild. If you sign up to receive a 30 Days Wild Pack, you’ll receive some wildflower seeds so you can do your bit for pollinators and we’ll also send you a range of fun ideas about ways you can enjoy nature throughout the month.

30 Days Wild is a great excuse to take a little time for yourself. Why not start your day with a brew in the garden listening to the bird song or head out into the garden at night and shine a torch into your pond? We’re hoping that more than 1,000 people will sign up to take part in Nottinghamshire this year — why not be one of them?
The 30 Days Wild sign-up page can be found at www.wildlifetrusts.org/30dayswild.

Buttercup meadow © Geoff Curtis.