Join Colin Watkin, a local naturalist, for his presentation ‘The Magic of Moths’. When he asks people what they know about moths they usually say “They eat your clothes and they are attracted to light.” Very few people can name a moth and yet many of them have beautiful or unusual names. Many people think that moths are drab looking insects but they are often just as beautiful as butterflies but because they are mostly nocturnal, they are ‘invisible’.

Moth senses are very acute and sophisticated; a male Emperor moth can detect the scent of a female from over a mile away. Moths have clever ways of avoiding predation and can even deceive bats. They are also important to us because they are good pollinators and there is, of course, the silk moth. Moths play an important part in nature’s food chain. It is estimated that a family of blue tits will consume a thousand caterpillars before fledging.

Moths are a good wildlife indicator species and the talk shall be relating how a moth species helped to support Darwin’s theory of evolution. It shall also describe the different ways of attracting moths for monitoring purposes and also how to attract moths into your garden. Finally, it shall be presenting perhaps the most astonishing process in all of nature, metamorphosis.

This meeting will be held in the Rural Learning Centre at the Idle Valley, North Road (A638), Retford DN22 8RQ on Thursday 9th January. The meeting starts at 7.30pm. Admission is £2.50, which includes refreshments. All are welcome. For more information contact Colin at