Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club

by | 6 July 2022 | Gardening Club, Hobbies, Retford

Some members of the Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club committee assisted, by family and friends, have planted up the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Planter on the village green. It was quite a task, with the planter stored on someone’s drive, 450 litres compost on another drive, two bags of grit at another house and plants at the nursery! It all came together and is now looking splendid.

If there are any volunteers to help water or maintain the planter, please let the club know. Hopefully, once settled in, it shouldn’t be too arduous a task as many of the plants are drought tolerant and / or evergreen, and the planter has capillary matting and a wick system so when the planter baskets are topped up the compost remains damp.

Please contact for further information.