Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club

by | 1 May 2024 | Gardening Club, Hobbies, Retford

The April meeting of Sutton and Barnby Moor Gardening Club took place on Thursday 4th as scheduled. Chairperson Jenny Bailey was on hand to welcome members old and new to the event, giving out official notices before proceeding to introduce the invited speakers for the evening.

Barry and Joanna Storr from Giddy Kipper Plants were about to address the gathering about propagation! You may laugh or wonder about the name, but the information and advice received on the night was no laughing matter, just useful tips, and instructions on how to successfully propagate your favourite plants throughout the season ahead. A few surprises were made available during the session: whoever thought that honey or cinnamon could play a part in promoting plant life, and could be used as an alternative to rooting powder?

The local couple also had a large range of plants and herbs for sale on the night, with advice freely given.

The next meeting of the group will take place a week later than usual (Thursday 9th May ) due to the venue being required for voting purposes.