Supporting one another

by | 14 December 2020 | Retford, Support Group, Worksop

Much as we’d all like to hear some good news as Christmas approaches, there seems to be very little of it on the horizon. Always, as we think things are about to improve, they seem to take a turn for the worse again and although the Wednesday (Memory) Group has done its best to keep contact with members by holding small, informal gatherings in gardens when it was allowed, they are no longer able to do that. The rules have changed again and, beautiful as these autumn days are, the weather is not conducive to sitting outdoors for very long.

Wednesday Group volunteers are doing a great job of supporting members and each other by regular phone calls and emails which help to alleviate the sense of isolation. Everyone is looking forward to the day that they can resume their regular meetings in some form but they know that this is unlikely to happen before next spring.

Meanwhile, Christmas approaches and the Wednesday Group hopes that everyone will be able to enjoy some family time. If you are alone, or you know someone who is, do try to make contact, if it’s only just to say ‘Hello.’ It can make all the difference to the day.

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