Specialist personal training to help support cancer patients in Bassetlaw

by | 2 January 2021 | Health, Local Charity, Retford, Worksop

A local cancer charity has launched a new and unique exercise programme for people in the Bassetlaw area living with a cancer diagnosis. Aurora Wellbeing has launched a ‘personalised prescribed exercise programme’ providing patients with four complimentary one-to-one sessions with a cancer exercise specialist, either before, during or after their treatment. The programme is focused on the benefits of exercise to alleviate symptoms during treatment, aid recovery and improve survival outcomes after a diagnosis. The aim is to enable individuals to take control, work at their own level and be supported whilst doing exercises personalised to them.
Aurora has partnered with Community Wellness Services Limited (CWS), who are specialists in the delivery of physical activity and rehabilitation in the health sector, to develop and deliver the programme, and 180 Degrees Fitness in Retford, a fully equipped standalone gym POD accessible to only the client and the cancer exercise specialist, enabling clients to feel comfortable, safe and supported.
Emma Walker, a Macmillan wellbeing practitioner at Aurora who helped to develop the programme, said: “Over the last 20 years, there have been significant developments in the field of exercise-oncology research. Numerous studies have investigated the impact that exercise can have on people living with and beyond cancer, especially concerning its psychological and physiological benefits and positive cancer outcomes. A cancer diagnosis can have a huge impact on an individual’s life and many people experience uncertainty and anxiety before they start treatment or when treatment has come to an end. Exercise can be hugely beneficial, helping both physically and mentally to reclaim a sense of control and improve health in the long-term.”
The benefits of exercise have been described as wide-reaching and can include: reducing the consequences of treatment including fatigue, anxiety and depression, weight gain and arthritis. It can improve physical function and quality of life, and in some cases, being physically active has been shown to reduce cancer’s progression, mortality and recurrence.
Although the benefits of physical activity are becoming more widely accepted, exercise classes with specialist trainers remain limited. Aurora is providing a unique opportortunty for individuals in Bassetlaw. The innovative programme offers the chance to access specialist cancer exercise support, on a one-to-one basis tailored to the client’s individual needs and personal goals.
David Birds, director at Community Wellness Services, said: “The programme is proving exceptionally positive. People that didn’t think they could do any form of physical activity have achieved way more than their initial expectations and progressed in ways very different from what they expected. Individuals have grown in confidence and are benefitting from the sense of achievement from small steps that can lead to significant personal progress.”
Jamie Stroud, director at 180 Degrees Fitness and 180 Evolve, added: “The sessions take place in one of our 180 Evolve private gym pods with a specialist that understands the needs of cancer patients. It is a safe environment where people can grow in confidence and open up about their condition and achieve personal goals. The outcomes can be far-reaching. “
Aurora is a local charity that provides a free package of support for people diagnosed with cancer and their families in Bassetlaw. Support includes emotional and practical help via a confidential Health Needs Assessments with a wellbeing practitioner, either by telephone or video calls. If you are interested in finding out more call Aurora on 01909 470985 or see www.aurorawellbeing.org.uk/worksop.