Safer streets for our schools and neighbourhoods?

by | 5 April 2021 | Environment, Retford, Support Group

People have told the organisers of Retford Cycling Campaign, and some of them are parents too, that they don’t feel it is safe to allow their children to cycle to school – and it doesn’t have to be this way. They should feel that our children, our streets and neighbourhoods are safe for us to enjoy, on foot, cycle and in a motor vehicle.
Tell Retford Cycling Campaign what you think by completing their survey at They are interested in your concerns, and what could be done to make school streets feel and be safer for scooters, cycles, and walking.
Of course, these kinds of ideas to make school streets feel safer involve residents, teachers, the local councils, highways professionals, etc, so the answers aren’t always simple. However… trials have worked well in other places around the country and world – parents and residents have worked together to reclaim, and calm their streets – so that they feel safe for all. Of course, this is all about consensus, and testing things out – to see if they work.
Please note that at the moment, they are just canvassing for your ideas, thoughts, etc. Nothing is in progress or planned, as of yet. But they’d like to think Retford Cycling Campaign could host a workshop to understand your needs, wants, and look at the demands and constraints with residents, planners, councillors, etc. The outcome of that workshop being a way forwards to make school streets safer and / or more attractive in terms of safety.