Riverside Indoor Bowls Club

by | 3 January 2021 | Gainsborough, Hobbies, Retford, Sports Club

How many of you have watched bowls on TV or bowling greens? Have you seen the indoor bowling at Potters? And how many of you think that it looks easy? You should try seeing the frustration of that black biased bowl going completely in the wrong direction of where you aimed it!

Riverside Indoor Bowls, based in Gainsborough, became a charity and have worked hard over the past year to fundraise, with their aim to bring indoor bowls back to Gainsborough and district.

Thanks to many local businesses with their offers of raffle prizes and many of their stalwart bowling friends, neighbours, family — all those who have helped them raise money over the past year — they thank you all.

The trustees have worked hard selling raffle tickets, held tabletop sales, attended the Armed Forces Day, Delvers night and schools’ gala days, held quiz nights and socials and anywhere they have had a chance to fundraise, they have been involved. They have kept in the public eye to let everyone know they will not give up. This has proved very successful but demanding.

They thank all those who have helped with these projects and we now look forward to 2020, which looks very promising and they hope to make very positive steps forward.
The grand prize draw on behalf of Riverside Indoor Bowls took place at the Gainsborough Golf Club on Saturday 19th October and the winners of the prizes are as follows:

  • 1st — 699 — Angela Boyle
  • 2nd — 013 — Margaret Mahon
  • 3rd — 819 — Debra Elwess
  • 4th — 056 — Rachel Bradley
  • 5th — 975 — Jim Allsop
  • 6th — 969 — J Watt
  • 7th — 661 — Jean Hogg
  • 8th — 114 — Roy Enever
  • 9th — 435 — Erica Davison
  • 10th — 308 — I Mallen
  • 11th — 994 — Tony Millar
  • 12th — 060 — Trev Hallam
  • 13th — 489 — S Burrell
  • 14th — 030 — Colin Glasford

Other winners with less information on the counterfoil are:

  • Deborah Elwess of Billyards Farm Harpswell
  • J Watt
  • Erica Davison
  • Trev Hallam — 85 Hollywell Road, Lincoln
  • S Burrell — Haxey

For more information see www.ribs.org.uk.