Retford Writers’ Group 10th anniversary

by | 8 January 2022 | Education and Learning, Group meeting, Hobbies, Retford, Social Group

Do you want to write, but worry about what you’re going to write about, how you’re going to do it or even why you’d spend the time on writing?

Retford Writers’ Group can help answer all those questions.

What: it could be a tweet, a novel or anything in between:

  • Blog
  • Poetry
  • Family tree exploration
  • Ghost stories
  • Local issues
  • Hobbies
  • Non-fiction articles

Why: it can be a career or a hobby:

  • For fun or personal pleasure
  • It can be therapeutic and cathartic
  • For family and friends
  • For fame
  • For competition
  • To change the world

How: by joining like-minded people who also want to write, and to write better; people who will lend an ear and offer support and suggestion, with no put-downs.

Retford Writers’ Group meets at the library on alternate Thursdays at 2.00pm to 4.00pm. They are entering their 10th anniversary year, with a tried-and-tested format that includes a warm welcome, a quick catch up on what everyone is writing and reading, sharing a short piece or poem and inviting positive comment. To encourage the continuation of writing, they share an optional ‘trigger’ word each session to get ideas going.

So, if you do want to write, make a New Year’s Resolution to attend on 6th or 20th January. It is free to visit; the group shares the cost over a term, which usually comes to between £2.00 and £3.00 per session. Numbers are restricted so get in touch with Kevin Murphy for more information or to put your name down; phone 07903 654499 or email

You can write.