Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Planning Group progress update

by | 9 February 2022 | Community Focus, Notice, Retford

Retford Town Centre Neighbourhood Planning Group (RTCNPG) is now completing the first phase of public consultation about the potential elements of a Neighbourhood Plan for the Retford Town Centre Area. The response from the public has been excellent so far with many helpful suggestions put forward. This phase of consultation continues until 22nd March 2022 and further input to the plan would be welcomed.

The designated Town Centre Area was increased during 2021 to include the North West Bridgegate area and leaflets were distributed to all properties in the area to inform the residents and businesses, and invite their participation in the Planning Group.

The plan has addressed the themes of the green agenda, health and accessibility, heritage, education, and the future of the high street. The following objectives have been constructed for consideration during the consultation:

  • To create a plan for the development of the town centre that attracts and retains visitors.
  • To support environmental enhancements to public spaces that create a more attractive shopping area.
  • To support the growth of a vibrant day time and evening economy.
  • To create an environment that makes it attractive for micro, small and medium sized businesses and shops.
  • To improve the accessibility of the town for all.
  • To improve the legibility of the town to help people find their way around.
  • To protect and improve the wide range of community facilities in the town centre to ensure it can meet the growing needs of an ageing and expanding population.
  • To seek solutions that will accelerate the town to Net Zero by the end of the current planning period (2037) by promoting the use of solar energy, enabling cycling, improving biodiversity and wellbeing through enhanced green spaces, and delivering better recycling and waste management.
  • To ensure that all new development is designed to a high standard and respects the style and layout of the historic town centre and enhances the character of the town centre.
  • To expand the role of Retford Town Centre to support the growth of the local economy and provide a range of job opportunities for local people.To ensure that the housing stock is of a high quality, varied, and suitable to meet the needs of existing and future residents.
  • To encourage developers to work with RTCNPG before planning applications are submitted so that they can produce schemes that ensure the most positive benefit for the town.

The areas most mentioned during the public consultation so far have been: Movement / Transport; Retail, Hospitality, and Business; Built Environment and Public Realm; Safety; Housing; Green Spaces and the Environment; and Activity, Events, and Tourism.

Information about the Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Retford Business Forum website ( and any comments should be sent to