Retford’s new mayor

by | 13 July 2018 | Notice, Retford

The Annual Meeting of the Charter Trustees of East Retford saw the election of Councillor Michael Storey as Town Mayor and Councillor Garry Clarkson as Deputy Town Mayor for the Civic Year 2018-2019. Retiring Town Mayor, Councillor Helen Richards was thanked for service as an enthusiastic and busy holder of the office. In a break with tradition the new Town Mayor, Councillor Storey, had invited students from Bracken Lane Academy (where he is Chairman of the Local Academy Board) to take part in the meeting. The students presented Councillor Richards and her husband Paul with gifts to thank them for their year of office.

Councillor Storey, in accepting the office, asked people to see if they could find a bit more time to volunteer help in the local community and persuade friends and neighbours to join them. He said: “Retford is a town where many volunteer groups work tirelessly for the community and a bit more help is always welcome. If people do want to make cash donations, then please support local charitable organisations that get more of your money spent on the aims of the charity.”