Retford in Bloom 2020

by | 9 January 2021 | Notice, Retford

Unfortunately, the pandemic has meant that Retford Civic Society’s annual project, Retford in Bloom, has not fully happened this year. In most cases shop fronts did not have their usual magnificent floral displays, although many of the pubs, despite the restrictions on their profitability, managed to cheer us up with colourful and welcoming displays.
Some good news this year was that North Notts BID and Strawson Property Limited have agreed to carry forward their sponsorship of the hanging basket scheme to 2021 and Retford Rotary Club are also allowing their financial support to move into 2021.
Schools and pre-school centres had received their potato growing kits before lockdown and a number managed, by various means, to grow them during the crisis and will receive recognition and books on gardening for children.
Unfortunately, the Presentation Evening planned to take place in September had to be cancelled.
A special mention must be made to the Retford in Bloom committee: Bob Davenport, Alan Laurie, Adrian Sumner, Lesley Sumner, Derek Turner, Joan Turner and Jan Williamson whose enthusiasm and involvement have made Retford in Bloom happen in this strange year.
The winners of this year’s competition are:

Front Gardens

  • East Ward – Small
    1st – 155 Moorgate
    2nd – 27 Holly Road
    3rd – 42 Brixworth Way
  • East Ward – Large
    1st – 17 Cornwall Road
    2nd – 13 Durham Grove
    3rd – 12 Park Lane
  • North Ward – Small
    1st – 18 Boundary Walk
    2nd – 28 Sandringham Way
    3rd – 21 Badgers Close
  • North Ward – Large
    1st – 118 Cambourne Crescent
    2nd – 1 Tiln Court
    3rd – 20 Clifton Way
  • South Ward – Small
    1st – 17 Gleneagles Way
    2nd – 19 Kingsmead
    3rd – 50 The Oval
  • South Ward – Large
    1st – 33 High Street
    2nd – 26 The Oval
    3rd – 2 Haddon Road
  • West Ward – Small
    1st – The Barn, Rectory Road
    2nd – 40 Daryl Road
    3rd – 45 Chancery Lane
  • West Ward – Large
    1st – 9 West Park Place and 30 Ordsall Park Road
    2nd – 7 West Park Place
    3rd – Ordsall Park Place

Waterside Gardens
1st – 7 Chesterfield Drive
2nd – 17 Osberton Road
3rd – 8 Pennington Walk

Consistent Achievement Award – Front Gardens
1 St Helen’s Road

Schools Potato-Growing

  • Secondary
    1st – Retford Oaks Academy
  • Primary
    1st – Bracken Lane
  • Primary Academy
    2nd – Carr Hill Primary School
    3rd – Thrumpton Primary Academy and Ordsall Primary School
  • Pre-School
    1st – Claremont House
  • Nursery School
    2nd – West Street Pre-School

1st – The Brick and Tile and The Black Boy
2nd – The Gate Inn and The Dominie Cross

Community Award

  • Bassetlaw District Council Parks Department and Trinity Hospital Gardens