Retford Half Marathon 2024

by | 26 January 2024 | Community Event, Retford, Sports Club

Mark your calendars for the running highlight of the year!

Retford Athletic Club proudly presents the Retford Half Marathon 2024, taking place on Sunday 10th March. This eagerly anticipated race promises a thrilling experience for runners of all levels, setting the stage for personal victories and community celebration.

Retford Oaks Academy serves as the epicentre for this great event, providing the ideal starting and finishing point. With its vibrant atmosphere and central location, it transforms into a hub of energy, uniting participants, supporters, and the entire community.

Runners, brace yourselves for a course designed with personal bests in mind. The Retford Half Marathon 2024 course offers a perfect blend of challenge and scenic beauty, creating an environment where seasoned athletes can aim for new PBs, and newcomers can conquer their first half marathon.

At Retford Athletic Club they believe every finisher is a champion. As you triumphantly cross the finish line, a well-deserved medal and other commemorative mementos await you. These tokens not only symbolise your achievement but also embody the sense of pride and accomplishment shared as a running community.

Retford Half Marathon is more than a race; it’s a celebration of community spirit, determination, and the joy of running. Whether you’re chasing a personal best or enjoying the scenic course with fellow enthusiasts, this event encapsulates the essence of Retford Athletic Club.

Secure your spot, lace up those running shoes, and join in on 10th March for a day of unforgettable moments, personal triumphs, and the collective heartbeat of our running community. Let the countdown to greatness begin. For more information visit and book your place for this fantastic local event.