Retford & District Photographic Society

by | 12 April 2022 | Group meeting, Hobbies, Retford, Social Group

Retford and District Photographic Society (RDPS) has been pleased to maintain its level of attendance at meetings and to see some familiar faces returning for speaker presentations and competitions.

The later part of the season sees competitions for groups of photos. The first took place in February for ‘Panels of 3’. Here each panel requires a common theme or to tell a story. It was a full evening with both print and digital competitions and a successful one for Geoff Stoddart.

Geoff won the colour class with ‘A Rare Encounter’, showing three shots of pine martens. Geoff also won the monochrome class with ‘The Stag Do’ – three shots of a red deer stag. The DPI (digitally projected images) class was won by Alan Burkwood’s ‘Fast Food’. This panel showing various such outlets beside busy roads was praised for its originality as well as his skill in the execution of the shots.

Jack Perks visited to share some of his tales from his ‘Life in Wildlife TV’. He has always been a talented photographer with an unusual fascination for photographing fish. He has managed to stand out in his field because of this and has become the first person to photograph all British species in the wild.

The most recent meeting was a practical night when members had a chance to take their tripods and macro lenses and try their hand at getting some shots of still life arrangements. Practical evenings are always popular, and the group has managed to fit two in during this shortened season.

There are more competitions to come. Two members, Barry Inman from Retford and Des Lloyd from Gainsborough, have had images chosen to tour the country this year with the Photographic Association of Great Britain’s competition and exhibition; congratulations to them.

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