Retford District Multiple Sclerosis Society

by | 1 July 2019 | Retford, Support Group

The triathlon for the Retford District Multiple Sclerosis Society Support Group took place on 16th and 23rd June .
At the time of going to print, Retford District Multiple Sclerosis Society Support Group were delighted to announce the support of two local business sponsors, Move Better Run Better Ltd and Corner Fridge Company Ltd. Move Better Run Better is a local business set up by John Beattie to help runners move better and run better. John has an esteemed career in international athletics, so of course the group’s mission to encourage everyone, (not just themselves) to move better, and more, is a theme close to his heart. The group is also thrilled to have some of John’s personal support by a couple of visits to their regular monthly meetings.

Corner Fridge Company Limited is based in Harworth, right at the northern edge of Bassetlaw, whose local community will be included in the services provided by the Bassetlaw Neuro Re-hab team base in Retford. When owners Christine and Irwen Martin read the story, they were simply moved and impressed with a group of people who not only work to help themselves, they help others too. As part of their Corporate Social Responsbility, it was an easy decision to make to offer sponsorship for equipment needed.

The group is arranging for two essential pieces of exercise equipment (Active-Passive Oxycycles) that will help the rehabilitation and management of patients in Bassetlaw with neurological conditions or nerve damage, such as MS, Parkinson’s and those who have suffered a stroke. At any one time, there will be over 700 patients in Bassetlaw who could benefit from this equipment.

The courage and commitment of this local group to support each other and take care of themselves is key to their own quality of life and their families, and sets a wonderful example to the rest of us who often take our bodies for granted. Their regular monthly meeting takes place at The Well, Hospital Road, on the first Friday of the month, the next meeting being Friday 5th July, from 11.00am to 12.30pm. For more information about the group, please email