Retford Child Contact Centre

by | 20 May 2022 | Community facility, Notice, Retford, Support Group

Are you having problems arranging child contact with your ex-partner?

It can be extremely stressful – but using a child contact centre as a neutral, staffed meeting place may be the way forward.
The breakdown of relationships can be highly upsetting for mothers, fathers and children – and children can really suffer from not being able to see a parent who no longer lives with them. It can have a lasting effect on their mental health and education.
Retford Child Contact Centre is a warm, friendly, safe place in town with toys, games and space for non-resident parents to spend regular time with their children. Trained staff are on hand to welcome everyone and provide refreshments.

Grandparents can also use the service, which is available fortnightly on Saturday afternoons. Sessions are free.

If a parent does not wish to meet the other parent, handover arrangements can be made by the Centre. Note that this is a supported – not supervised – centre.

You and your ex-partner can contact the Centre separately through the NACCC website. A mediator or solicitor can help with the process but isn’t necessary.

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