Retford Bridge Club

by | 10 September 2022 | Hobbies, Retford

Two years ago, Retford Bridge Club had to suspend playing face to face (F2F) bridge because of the lockdown rules. Many members continued to play their favourite game on one of several online bridge platforms.

This was all rather impersonal for everyone, until a couple from London set up Realbridge, a bridge playing platform where you could see your partner and opponents and also talk to them rather than having to ‘type’ something to be able to chat.
This is as close to playing F2F as playing online can be. The club took this up enthusiastically and now play three sessions a week there which many find convenient as it requires no travelling to Retford, no being out late at night, and allows playing in the comfort of your own home.

There were some drawbacks as a lot of club members do not use a computer and so were still unable to play. The committee was also keen to make sure that F2F bridge should continue so they now have one F2F session a week, which is gradually regaining momentum.

Many members are retired so the club is keen to attract new people to take up the game, which can be a lifetime hobby and passion. The youngest member is just eight years old, while several in their late eighties still get tremendous enjoyment and social interaction from the game.

Retford are fortunate in having Nottinghamshire’s top two players at the club. The chairman is an English Bridge Union accredited teacher and he runs two two-hour online lessons each week. He has also taught on cruise ships and has over ten years’ bridge teaching experience.

The club will be distributing leaflets at the libraries and supermarkets in the area over the next few weeks.
For more information, contact Sandy on 07740 164450, or email