Retford and District Photographic Society

by | 19 March 2024 | Hobbies, Retford

The second half of the Retford and District Photographic Society (RDPS) season started with three excellent meetings.

Firstly, members were privileged to have Gianpierro Ferrari from Loughborough speak about his moth photography. He explained he had become an expert on moths almost by default as his work meant he came home very late. The images he displayed were breathtakingly beautiful – bitingly sharp and detailed; well composed and with diffused backgrounds.

The following week members had their turn, each being able to submit one ‘Panel of Three’ image to tell a story or on a theme. There were some stunning shots on display for the judge to critique.

A panel showing three views of a red squirrel was declared to be everything a panel should be, yet it only managed to achieve second place for Lee Dalgleish. The final print panel proved the winner for Simon Carr. He was in the right place to see two finches fighting vigorously and his three images all showed aspects of this scrap with each featuring a very sharp shot of a red headed bird.

In the monochrome class the judge courted controversy by judging the images as he felt they should be displayed and not as given. He explained why he had reversed the two outer images and was sufficiently impressed to give Lee the winning score in this class.

There is no need to print for the digital class, and a delighted Joyce Bell achieved second place with three shots of the Falkirk Wheel, recovered for her by a colleague, after she believed her camera memory card had been wiped. Lee rounded off his very successful evening, winning with his panel showing three different sea birds on the cliff edge.

Vin Scothern was RDPS’ most recent speaker, bringing a mix of sport and general interest photos. Sport is his passion and he had terrific action shots from a wide variety of events. He was very generous in his help with camera settings and details of where to go and how to access free opportunities.

For more information and for the 23-24 programme, visit The club is based in St Joseph’s Hall, Babworth Road, Retford and meets at 7.30pm on Mondays until the end of April. A warm welcome awaits guests and potential members.

Image: Swallow-tailed Moth on Foxglove, Gianpiero Ferrari