Retford and District Photographic Society

by | 7 February 2024 | Hobbies, Retford

Retford and District Photographic Society held the final individual image competition of the year recently. ‘Eyes’ were the theme. Members could use their imagination and entrants included a good collection of bodkins and needles as well as the more predictable animal and human eyes.

In the first class for colour prints there were 14 entries. Generally speaking, all achieved results in the upper part of the 0-20 range, but Lee Dalgleish found himself at both ends of the scale with his two entries. He would not be too disappointed with his 14 as his other entry came out on top with a score of 20.

The winning print showed an emerging dragon fly with the beautiful sharpness the club have come to expect from Lee. Alan Burkwood took second place with 19 for ‘Eye on the Prize’ jointly with Andy Stephenson with ‘Let’s Get Quizzical’.

Judging then moved on to the monochrome prints, where there were again 14 entries. Lee Dalgleish’s entry ‘Eye Spy’ won, followed again by Alan Burkwood with ‘Gangster’s Moll’. Lee himself was joint third with his second entry ‘Eye Level’ sharing the spot with Andy Stephenson with ‘Ullo?’.

The final class was for the digital images. This time there were 24 entries and an ‘Emerald Dragonfly’ gave Lee Dalgleish a clean sweep, winning every class – a feat seldom accomplished. In this class he did not have it entirely his own way as he shared the honours with ‘What’s Just Caught My Eye?’ by Dick Lewis. Joyce Bell and Andy Stephenson shared second place while third was shared by four further members. Daniel Spencer was one of these and is to be particularly commended as he has newly joined this season.

The first half of the year concluded with the traditional Fun Night. This was a nice occasion with members working together in tables and having a chance to chat.

January’s meeting had a very special speaker. David Keep is an underwater photographer and he enthralled members on his last visit. His images are the closest many are likely to get to the amazing species he has photographed.

For more information and for the 23 / 24 programme, visit The club is based in St Joseph’s Hall, Babworth Road, Retford and meets at 7.30pm on Mondays until the end of April. A warm welcome awaits guests and potential members.