Retford and District Authors Group

by | 4 August 2018 | Hobbies, Retford

Meet the Authors at your local library on Tuesday 4th September, at 4.00pm, when all are welcome.
Authors at the next meeting will be:

  • Sharon Connolly author of ‘Heroines of the Medieval World’ and ‘Silk and the Sword.’
    Lesley Keating, author of ‘Oath of the Dove (People of the Columbae)’
  • Barry Upton author of ‘Going Home’, ‘The Academy’ and ‘The Balcony 1 and 2’, along with a number of classroom books
  • Robert Tansey author of ‘The Melton-Uppbury Village Mysteries’ and ‘Guides to the Pre-Reformation Monastic Houses of The East Midlands.’

Free cheese and wine will be provided.