Peter Rabbit comes to Muddy Fork

by | 18 October 2023 | Health, Hobbies, Local Charity, Retford

Muddy Fork, Retford’s Gardening for Wellbeing charity, has had an unwelcome visitor. The new growing area, well defended from predators, everyone thought, was the scene of a recent crime. A bed newly planted with purple sprouting broccoli seedlings was attacked overnight leaving not a single plant remaining. Who was to blame?

A pesky rabbit had managed to dig a tunnel underneath the netting covering the gate. Remedial action has been taken, with breezeblocks now buried underneath the gate. But the ingenuity of the Idle Valley bunnies seems to know no bounds so it’s a case of wait and see…

Other produce thankfully is thriving, and healthy harvests of runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes and raspberries are coming along nicely, with peppers and chillis developing in the polytunnels. The recent arrival of a consignment of topsoil has been enormously helpful in filling and topping up raised beds.

Another new development has seen the arrival of the memorial bench for Gerald Griffin. This handsome piece of furniture is to be installed on the bank, currently in full bloom, which Gerald did so much to plan and shape, and will provide a lasting reminder of his valuable contributions to the garden.

Muddy Fork is pleased to hear from anyone who might like to know more and is delighted that some new faces have arrived recently. Referrals from agencies or self-referrals are welcome and work can always be found for additional volunteers!

More details of the gardening sessions and on how to get involved can be found at – or email