Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust – North Notts Local Group

by | 6 November 2023 | Retford, Wildlife

One of the North Notts Local Group of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s most popular visitors, David Parkin, will be speaker at the November meeting with his talk The Missing Lynx.

David said: “Since the last ice-age, Britain has lost almost all its large predators. Only the Badger and the Red Fox remain – and they are hardly ‘large’. Bears, Wolves and Lynx have all gone.

“It has been argued that the loss of these ‘top predators’ has led to a destabilising of our fauna. Is this true? With the current enthusiasm for ‘rewilding’, what might be the consequences of their reintroduction? What was their role in our ecosystem and what can we learn from reintroduction programs elsewhere in Europe and further afield?”

This promises to be a fascinating talk on a very topical subject. David is an accomplished speaker who has visited the group many times before. His talks always contain an element of fun (as in the title!) and members always come away having learnt something very interesting.

This meeting will be held at Idle Valley Centre on Thursday 9th November at 7.15pm; £3.00 entry includes tea and biscuits. All welcome; no need to book.

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