Nottinghamshire Countryside Group

by | 10 May 2019 | Retford, Wildlife, Worksop

There is now a Facebook group for any Worksop or North Nottinghamshire residents interested in wildlife, natural history, or just our wonderful local countryside. Whether you like birds, butterflies, animals, flowers and botany, dragonflies, bees, or — yes, even spiders — the new Nottinghamshire Countryside Group is for you.Members can post their photographs of any or all of these, and share with or learn from others in the group as to where the best nearby hotspots are to go and see them. You don’t have to be an expert, in either knowledge or photography; the group is for beginners and long-time enthusiasts alike. Although the group’s admin is based in Worksop, anywhere and everybody in Notts is most welcome, as are visitors to the area or those with an interest in it.

One of the group’s aims is to provide a forum for the pooling of ideas to help our local wildlife thrive and survive. Britain’s wildlife, sadly, is more depleted than any other country in Europe. We need to stand up for nature. Also, as membership grows, the group could consider arranging meets and visits to some key local sites, as we have on our doorstep a number of superb venues to observe the natural world.

Do join the group. Search on Facebook for ‘Nottinghamshire Countryside Group’.