North Notts Wildlife Trust Summer Activities

by | 5 July 2023 | Retford, Wildlife

One of the nice things about the summer programme of activities at the North Notts Local Group of the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust is that it offers more time to be sociable.

The possibility of being outside in the fresh air enjoying a lovely walk is something to be treasured. It’s an opportunity to learn from one another too – how a scree landscape is formed, for example, or what birds you might expect to find in a particular environment. It’s astonishing what other people know.

Another thing that often emerges during time spent together is the recognition of common interests and, sometimes, the desire to do something that will make a difference. Two people who have recently joined the local group committee and haven’t known one another very long started planning what may well turn into a series of serious encounters with wildlife.

‘I’ll do the bird stuff and sort the ID,’ said one and the other replied, ‘I’ll get cameras and get some photography going.’ What a start to a new relationship! And so inspiring to hear! Watch this space for more information on this project.

Look out too for more summer activities by signing up for the updates – see below. You never know, you may be inspired to make a difference too! It’s often much easier than you think.

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