North Notts Association of National Trust Members

by | 12 September 2022 | Heritage, Retford, Social Group

The well-attended summer visit by the North Notts Association of National Trust Members in July was to the Black Country Museum, which was most interesting. There was certainly plenty to see and lots of information was available from staff wearing clothing typical of the period and demonstrating the trades which they were representing.

Industries such as chain-making and providing limestone all illustrated the extremely hard work needed and the poor conditions and equipment they had to work with. The shops, such as the Gentlemen’s outfitters, gave a glimpse of the sartorial elegance of the upper wealthy classes and contrasted with the general stores, which concentrated on tools required for the working classes.

The highlight of the trip for many was travelling on a canal boat through the tunnels to see the fantastic workings and the huge caverns from which the limestone had been mined. Various animated displays showed how this was achieved, all beautifully lit and presented.

The next outing was to Hull in August and the group visit the Ropeworks and Burton Constable on Tuesday 13th September.
The 2022-23 programme begins on Wednesday 19th October with a talk entitled ‘Elizabethan Life: a visitor from the 16th century’ by Maureen Taylor.

Membership is £30.00 single or £55.00 joint and covers seven talks from October to April and five outside visits from May to September, which are priced separately.

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