North and South Wheatley WI

by | 21 August 2019 | Retford, WI

In 2015, the WI nationally celebrated its centenary. Established to revitalise rural communities and give them support in WWI, it became a boon to women in isolated villages who had little access to transport and services. The WI is now the largest voluntary women’s organisation in the UK, with almost 220,000 members and still growing! Apart from developing its original aims of supporting women, it seeks to inform and influence public opinion and has successfully reached the ears of government!

North and South Wheatley WI celebrated its 60th birthday in 2015 and the group is still going strong. It offers entertaining monthly meetings (on the second Monday of each month, at 7.15pm, in Wheatley Village Hall), with interesting talks, outings and celebratory meals — each year it holds an excellent Christmas lunch at Ye Olde Bell and in 2017 celebrated Burn’s Night in traditional fashion! Crafts, games and fun competitions are always a feature. In March, their speaker told members the history of Medieval and Tudor gardens and how they still influence garden design today and she came attired in full Tudor garb! The group is continually searching for new ideas and excursions to inform and invigorate!

The 2018/19 programme has just been finalised so why not come along and have a taste? Visitors are welcome at a cost of just £3.50 per session. Feel free to give Sharon Rowland a call on 01427 238366 for more info or just turn up on the night. Members guarantee a warm and friendly welcome to all.