New season imminent

by | 4 September 2023 | Hobbies, Retford

Members of Retford Photographic Society have been busy during the summer break capturing new shots ready for the competitions in the coming year. Those who also attend Snappers have been making the most of summer trips with them. As the start of the new Retford season approaches on 4th September, all members will doubtless be processing their results, hoping to find that something special.

Their Programme Secretary, Jane Brownley, has been hard at work finding speakers to fill the new year’s programme. With weekly meetings until the end of April, she has a juggling act to perform arranging speakers, competitions and meetings run by members showing their own work.

During the first meeting, Jane will be giving a run down of who members can look forward to seeing before Christmas. Her introduction will be followed on 11th September by the first speaker, Martine Hamilton Knight. Her specialism is architectural photography and her talks to the Society previously have been popular.

David Gibbins, another speaker who has entertained members previously, will be returning on 18th September before the group’s first open competition on 25th September.

This will follow their regular competition format with classes for colour prints, monochrome prints and projected images (DPIs). At the start of the season the competitions have no set theme, giving everyone the chance to show their favourite shots. You don’t have to enter the competitions, but many enjoy them while others prefer to just listen to the judge’s comments.

Members are asked to go prepared to pay their annual fee. Potential members and guests will be most welcome and first meeting is a good time to go as Jane’s presentation of the new programme will give a good idea of what will be happening in the coming weeks. The pace is slower, giving more time to ask questions.

Guests may attend three times before joining and membership is open to people of any age or level of experience who can get to their meetings. Existing members’ hometowns range from Sheffield to Sutton on Trent and from Gainsborough to Ollerton.

Find them in St Joseph’s Hall, Babworth Road, Retford at 7.30pm from Monday 4th September 2023 until the end of April 2024. Their website,, is the place to look for more information about the club.

Image: Ian Daisley