Neptune ceramics exhibition – Shaun Clark

by | 7 July 2023 | Art, Retford

Cool down this summer in the depths of the ocean at Neptune, a new exhibition of Shaun Clark’s ceramics at the Cath Ray Gallery on Bridgegate in Retford.

Shaun produces highly decorated pieces of pottery with lettering and images that are deep-rooted in history and folklore. His current work all relates to the sea and the myths and creatures associated with it.

Shaun trained as an industrial potter in Stoke-on-Trent and then studied for a degree in Studio Ceramics in Cardiff, and both disciplines can be seen in his work; some pieces are functional and made to be used every day, while other pieces are hand-painted show-stoppers that are incredible works of art.

“I make highly decorated earthenware shapes, some thrown, some are slip-cast, and some are slab-formed,” he said.

“The decoration of my pieces starts with hand-painted underglazes and are then embellished with transfers, and occasionally hand-painted and gilded. I love a good story, a fearsome creature, or a folk hero and I like to carry the designs around the backs of my pieces, to create little surprises, to extend the stories and enclose hidden messages and meanings.”

Neptune is the Roman god of the sea, rivers, and springs and Neptunalia is the Roman festival of Neptune, usually held on 23rd July to celebrate the conservation of water with games, feasting, and the building of foliage shelters to escape the heat of the sun.

Shaun’s exhibition runs from Saturday 8th July to Saturday 2nd September. There will be a chance to have a go at creating your own work out of clay and learn techniques (and so much more!) from this knowledgeable and entertaining artist, when Shaun runs a clay workshop ‘Lobsters and Other Animals’ at the gallery on Sunday 16th July.

Further information and bookings for the clay workshop can be made by contacting Shaun at