Did you know that more than half the UK’s animal species are in decline? A recent communication from the Notts Wildlife Trust suggests that a quarter of our native mammals are at risk of extinction, including the hedgehog.

Seventy of our birds are on the Red List according to the RSPB. These are not just the rarities; some of them are our most familiar and well-loved birds: summer migrants like swifts, swallows, cuckoos and turtledoves. Then there is the puffin. And green finches, set to disappear. When did you last see a greenfinch?

What can we do? You might consider joining an environmental group, such as the Wildlife Trust; have a look at its website for lots of excellent ideas for what we can do to save nature. Visit the Idle Valley Nature Reserve and become a volunteer, sign up for one of the local group’s guided walks and find out more about local areas and their wildlife.

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