Muddy Fork seeks referrals

by | 3 February 2021 | Health, Local Charity, Retford

Since last month’s report on Muddy Fork’s reopening, some progress has been made in inviting former participants to return and in processing new referrals – in spite of the wintry weather! Work continues in the garden and the tree nursery, and a productive team day just before Christmas saw a quantity of willow harvested from the willow holt on the nature reserve. This has been taken away to dry out and will be ready for use in craft activities as the year goes on.
Muddy Fork trustees and volunteers would like to reiterate the message that even though we are now back in lockdown, their sessions are continuing. As a registered mental health charity, they have ‘support group’ exemption from the restrictions and are able to accommodate groups of up to 15. Trustees have worked hard to put in place systems for cleaning, social distancing, etc and their garden is exceptionally airy and well-ventilated!
Research continues to uncover new evidence of the wide-ranging mental health impact of the pandemic. At Muddy Fork, they hope that their project can make a real difference locally by providing a supportive environment where interaction with the natural world and the opportunity to do useful, rewarding work can make a positive impact on wellbeing.
Muddy Fork takes referrals from a wide range of agencies, and also accepts self-referrals. Anyone interested in making a referral should contact the trustees on